Sensitive Plus


The incidence of highly sensitized skin is increasing as people become intolerant to traditional preservatives and other irritating ingredients. Many people find their skin has become reactive to traditional products aimed to calm Sensitive skin.

Yüm Gourmet Skincare offers a line of products that do not contain any colors or essential oils that often create irritated or sensitive skin. Our Sensitive+ products offer the ideal environment to cleanse, tone and nourish reactive skin.

Embrace Your Skin - Helpful Suggestions

Embrasser Votre Peau - Suggestions Utiles

Always wash your hands first before cleansing. This will prevent transfer of bacteria to your face.


Cleanse skin twice daily to remove dirt, oil, pollution and makeup.


Avoid over scrubbing the skin as this may cause irritation and result in further breakouts.


Clean cosmetic brushes and sponges weekly to rid of bacterial growth.


Change pillowcases nightly, as they can harbor bacteria and aggravate breakouts.