YÜM [yuhm]


Meaning "mother", Yum is a symbol of wisdom and enlightenment.

Represents the divine strength of creation.

(Mayan Mythology)
Yum Caax is the god/protector of wild plants.

Exquisite skin care formulated with highly concentrated natural and organic ingredients.

Yüm is more than a skincare line it's a philosophy that encourages fulfillment of potential and healthy more balanced living. We acknowledge the mind body connection and it's importance to overall health but also it's effect on the choices we as a company make in the creation and production of our products. We are a different kind of skin care company whose goals exceed simply making the best skincare products. We actively volunteer our time and resources to activities that promote health and wellness for people from all walks of life. Yüm is skincare with a conscience.



Yüm Skincare is based on the alchemical view that the health of the body relies on the interactive harmony of man, the microcosm, Nature and the macrocosm. We believe the earth is able to provide all the necessary tools to prevent health problems but also to repair them. Our philosophy follows this simple principle in that we respect and honor the earths bounty while drawing upon it's resources to provide all necessary components for ideal health both internally and externally.

Yüm Gourment Skincare is dedicated to enlightening and promoting a superior approach to skincare. It's our desire to exceed expectations with exquisite products that are so fresh you won't believe they're natural. Our fresh organic and natural ingredients such as juices, oils, herbs and pulp are meticulously harvested and processed to draw the most significant health benefits possible. Each hand crafted batch is carefully cooked and packaged preserving its unique beneficial ingredients.

Every Yüm product is crafted with skilled precision - uniting the optimum balance of beneficial active ingredients with exceptional functionality. Yüm - the Tibetan symbol of wisdom and enlightenment - reflects our philosophy the truly exceptional skin is more than skin deep.